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about the film

'Bab: The Man Who Took Too Much' is the first episode of a proposed series called 'Tubgate' executive produced and directed by Fraser Murdoch and produced by John Fairfield of Flyboy Original production company and Scott Kyle of the Bathgate Regal Theatre. It opens in Cunningham's Scrap, where Bab Cunningham has taken over from his dad who is of bad health. Bab may not be the most reliable when it comes to finances, so there are a few people on his tail.

Flyboy Original have won Oscar-qualifying awards and been nominated for big awards at the likes of Raindance in London.

Scott Kyle is a renowned actor for playing such roles as Cpl Stu Pearson in 'Kilo Two Bravo' ('Kajaki') which was produced by Oscar-winning producer Gareth Ellis Unwin of 'The King's Speech', working with the renowned film director Ken Loach in 'Angels' Share' and for the character of Ross in Sony Pictures' Golden Globe nominated TV series 'Outlander' (where he met director Fraser Murdochamong others.

the characters


The characters were designed by the incredibly talented Lynsey Schaschke - a freelance storyboard artist and character designer in the games and children's TV industries.

The 3D modelling has so far been conducted by Sean Yu, the 3D lecturer and artist at the University of Dundee, whose film credits include working as an animator on Oscar-nominated film 'L'Illusionniste'.


Outlander duo Scott Kyle and Gregor Firth were cast as Bab Cunningham and Benjamin "Benjy" McGlynn respectively and Rehanna MacDonald was cast as the investigator Troopti Palmer.

Iain Mitchell Leslie has also been cast as a radio presenter in Tubgate.

The Workshop

On the 24th of January 2017, we filmed reference footage and had a workshop for the animated pilot 'Bab: The Man Who Took Too Much' which is subsequently an episode of the proposed series titled 'Tubgate'.

We filmed the workshop with Flyboy Original production company of Dundee (John Fairfield: producer, Michael Hunter, Sean Rae and Michal Zagorski: camera).

It works as getting a bit from both worlds, allowing the creative processes which you get on a film set to inform and enhance what we go on and do in the animation process.

It was directed and supervised by myself, Fraser Murdoch.

We managed to work through the lines and record footage of facial expressions and body movement. The challenges we faced were getting through the lines and making sure the movements were theatrical for the animation process. The workshop however was exactly what we needed it to be, and provided what we required at this stage of the piece's development, and was a very fun day with a great cast and crew team.

Next up, we have the sound recording on Saturday 28th of January 2017, with the preceding days for notes, script updates and creating an edit from the footage and updating the full pre-visualisation from the 3D environments and compositional work so far.

I meet with Sean Yu on Monday 30th of January 2017 to go over the 3D models of the characters and the plan for the final stages of their creation before being ready to be animated later in the year.

Voice Recording

The world

The film takes place in the scrapyard and offices of Cunningham's Scrap, within the industrial estate of the town of Tubagate. Tubgate is ultimately "backwards town" or "the town of opposites", where everyone in the town thinks the opposing idea of almost anything you might think is logical.

the music

The score is to be composed and written by David Murillo R. You can find more of David's outstanding work on his website and his Soundcloud page.

David is an upcoming composer, graduating from Berkeley School of Music in Boston, achieving a scholarship from Oscar-winning composer Howard Shore - someone who has  also mentored him through his studies.



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