Big Throwback - 10 years

After hearing that a few followers of mine didn't know that I have a history of drawing and painting in my life and career, brought about the idea to share the multitude of artwork I created at the early stages of my career, if not at secondary school and art college.

I have always been a fast worker, constantly inspired to do something. You can maybe see that in the amount of projects I take on at one time, but you will certainly see it in the amount of paintings I created, although you might also notice it in their slight incompleteness in terms of details and rushed photographic recordings of them.

I have a lot of unfinished business with drawing and painting and more traditional art, and I hope to find the time to get back into mastering this again. It will be good to go back into it with a more experience head.

In reflection, it is like I was living in the non-digital age when I painted and when I was at art college. The digital age developed and came into its form whilst I was studying "electronic media" and animation during 2008-2012 in my opinion.

I remember being so excited to have a camcorder in 2009 - it really was terrible, but I was over the moon to be able to create videos.

Even though I work within digital media, I feel my roots are in the drawn image and the written word - and the digital side of things is a new output, and one that keeps one inspired by the possibilities. Although it has become quite a crowded marketplace.

It was all part of me wanting to be a filmmaker and being an artist - animation and visual effects was my bridge to filmmaking and I suppose at this stage I am still travelling across.

This throwback certainly goes into the infancy of my career - sometimes a difficult place to go and share with people. Although, I do think that sharing this to represent who you are as an artist is healthy and I would encourage others to do the same. So, I hope that you enjoy having a gander.



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Life Drawing


Dogs / Pets

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Bab / Tubgate: Voice Recording

On Saturday the 28th of January 2017 we recorded the voices for the characters Bab, Benjy and Troopti for 'Tubgate | Bab: The Man Who Took Too Much' pilot animation.

We honed what we had done in the workshop. I edited what he had done on Tuesday 24th and we reviewed that before having a read through and recording in the state-of-the-art facilities in the Gardyne Theatre / Dundee College.

Scott Kyle voiced Bab Cunningham, Gregor Firth voiced Benjy McGlynn and Rehanna MacDonald played Troopti Palmer.

The areas we needed to work on were the understanding of one of the scenes, and the lengths of of some parts of the dialogue either trimmed down a little bit or being stretched out a bit. The latter, as well as improvising some of those areas, was incredible fun. It allowed the characters to live and breathe to their designed potential.

We overall left this process excited by what we recorded and the possibilities of what can be created now that we go into full animation production!

Plenty more to follow on the production and how you can get involved... much more seen on Twitter @FraserMurdoch9 and @scottjkyle1

Bab / Tubgate: Workshop

On the 24th of January 2017, we filmed reference footage and had a workshop for the animated pilot 'Bab: The Man Who Took Too Much' which is subsequently an episode of the proposed series titled 'Tubgate'.

We filmed the workshop with Flyboy Original production company of Dundee (John Fairfield: producer, Michael Hunter, Sean Rae and Michal Zagorski: camera).

It works as getting a bit from both worlds, allowing the creative processes which you get on a film set to inform and enhance what we go on and do in the animation process.


Scott Kyle played Bab Cunningham.

Gregor Firth played Benjy McGlynn.

Rehanna MacDonald played Troopti Palmer.

It was directed and supervised by myself, Fraser Murdoch.

We managed to work through the lines and record footage of facial expressions and body movement. The challenges we faced were getting through the lines and making sure the movements were theatrical for the animation process. The workshop however was exactly what we needed it to be, and provided what we required at this stage of the piece's development, and was a very fun day with a great cast and crew team.

Next up, we have the sound recording on Saturday 28th of January 2017, with the preceding days for notes, script updates and creating an edit from the footage and updating the full pre-visualisation from the 3D environments and compositional work so far.

I meet with Sean Yu on Monday 30th of January 2017 to go over the 3D models of the characters and the plan for the final stages of their creation before being ready to be animated later in the year.

2016: Review

It has been an incredible year! Here are the highlights:

Visual Effects - Outlander

I started the year working on the set of Outlander (STARZ).
I also supervised 'Attic' (Flyboy Original) and 'The Inescapable Arrival of Lazlo Petushki' (Hidden Tiger Productions). The latter of which I also composited over 80 shots for and worked with a team of six trainees.


At Vivomotion, I started the year designing the new website and we continued the year with international clients (such as Mars Chocolate, Tam Mignot and Vionix) and local clients (such as Heriot Watt University.) We were Finalists at the Courier Business Awards for Design and Innovation, had our work with Rodney Mountain exhibited at the Dundee Design Festival and had our work with Tam Mignot published in the international science journal 'Nature'.

'Impromptu Films'

I created a series of what I called "Impromptu Films".


I worked with Lynsey Schaschke on the character designs for "Bab: The Man Who Took Too Much".

We began the 3D process for Bab.

We cast Scott Kyle as Bab, Gregor Firth as Benjy and Rehanna MacDonald as Troopti. Along with this, we teamed up with Flyboy Original (as well as setting up our own animation production company Regal Animation - with Scott Kyle of the Regal in Bathgate.)

We received some press attention for our work on the film.

The Regal

It was a huge year for the Regal. I set up an animation production company with Scott Kyle, the artistic director and manager, called Regal Animation. We ran our first animation showcase and created entertainment-based products such as DVDs, CDs and calendars. I was mentioned on TV in this interview. The year was topped off by us building our green screen facility and a visit from David Burgess (Head of Animation on Dreamworks' Trolls movie) through Animation Centrifuge, as well as the launch of the new Regal branding, logo and website.

Photography - Dunearn Farm

I started up a photography project charting the progress at Dunearn Farm, most notably the progress on the bothy build looking over the First of Forth.

Thank you everyone who has contributed to these  projects. Here's to an even greater 2017!

Regal Animation Showcase


We are running our first event as the newly founded Regal Animation on Sunday the 25th of September at The Regal Community Theatre in Bathgate!

The showcase will introduce animations and films with visual effects produced in Scotland to a new public audience and entertain people of all ages.

It's a perfect thing to do on a Sunday: if you are looking for a family outing, an animation event to match your passion for the art or simply a hangover cure.

So please put it in your diary, to come to the Regal Community Theatre, 24-34 North Bridge Street, Bathgate, EH48 4PS on Sunday the 25th of September.

Regal Animation

Regal Animation was formed by myself, Fraser Murdoch, and Scott Kyle of the Regal Theatre. With our team, we will produce short films, series and features and get them out to large audiences (which is our longer term aim.) We will also provide animations and commissions to the other companies and departments within the Regal.

Very excited about what we are doing - but there is still a long way to go! Come along and support what we are doing, have a laugh and a chat, and enjoy what we have for you on show!

Latest on Sean Hun Yu's Sculpt For Bab!

Looking great so far isn't it?

Another Film Set in Cardenden Woods!

I decided this fairly sunny afternoon to go out and do another little impromptu short.

Again, the task was not to conduct any real pre-production and just go out and film with an idea of the character and what may happen (subject to change.)

This time my character really liked climbing trees, despite being typically thought to be too old for such a thing, and the problem given to them was that a wormhole won't let him.

Although, as these things usually work, this may not be the storyline at all...

In case you missed it, here is the first video:

Big Moment For Bab and The Investigators - They are Designed!

Over 4 and a half billion years on Earth has come to this moment, and this moment consists of countless things, but I am posting during this possibly historical moment about the latest character designs by Lynsey Schaschke for 'Bab: The Man Who Took Too Much' - definitely worth a look, though. Check them out:

Bab - of 'Bab The Man Who Took Too Much' - character design turnaround.

The female investigator (unnamed) - of 'Bab The Man Who Took Too Much' - character design turnaround.

The male investigator (unnamed) - of 'Bab The Man Who Took Too Much' - character design turnaround.

This is a critical moment in our process, as we can now move onto the character modelling stage as well as beginning on our environment and testing out a few more effects we aim to be using.

Thanks for taking a look, and I hope that you didn't miss anything really hugely important, such as tagging your friends who look like potatoes.

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