Background on the film

The film 'Utapia' has been in the making for several years, with the original film 'My Cityreleased in 2012 (starring the voice of Hollywood actor Brian Cox.)

Soon, after pre-production, we will be out filming in locations around Scotland, in the highlands and the villages, with visual effects conducted near the end of the process to complete the shots.

First announcement and more information from Fraser Murdoch - April 2017.

A director's commentary from Fraser Murdoch on My City - the animated experimental award-winning film which Utapia is based on.

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Big Announcement!

We have some VERY exciting news:

soundtrack: Imogen Brough

Motion picture soundtrack composer and vocalist Imogen Brough is collaborating with director Fraser Murdoch and the production team on the project! You HAVE to check out some of her musical achievements below:


Imogen Brough is a film composer and vocalist who has had her music in the ARIA charts in Australia, during her time as a contestant on the hit television show 'The Voice' in Australia in 2013.

Imogen released her EP Into The Moonlight in 2015 which is available on Apple Music.

Most recently, Imogen's track Love is Like a Match was the theme music of the trailer for the movie Dance Academy which is currently in theatres.

The soundtrack will be immersive and Ambient-Celtic in style - we will update you along the way toward its creation!

Visit Imogen's website, for more information on her work, here!

More exciting updates and details to follow!

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Products for sale to support the films

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"MY CITY" Script from 2011
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"BAB" Script
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You can earn a credit in both Utapia and Bab: The Man Who Took Too Much (starring Scott Kyle).



Investment: $6,000 (USD)

Mary has backed our project Bab: The Man Who Took Too Much.

Since then, Mary (who works at HummingHill Arts) has been an Associate Producer which has involved being sent updates on the script, animation, filming and has been invited to screenings and events with complimentary tickets.


Investment: $1,000 (CAD)

Terri has backed our project Bab: The Man Who Took Too Much.

Terri has been involved by being sent updates on the script, animation and filming.


This team of people have all backed Utapia and our project Bab: The Man Who Took Too Much! Backing ranging from $10-$100 (USD)! Thank you everybody!

This team will be credited in the film (as well as in Bab along with actors Scott Kyle and Gregor Firth! As well as with actor Brian Cox who will be mentioned for his work earlier in the process) in the order below!

raised toward Recording

So far, for the recording with the engineer for Utapia, we have raised over £250 which mean we have been able to record the vocals for the project - and are now orchestrating the rest of the score! Thank you all so much - this is amazing!

Backers credits:

(excluding anonymous donations)

Rodney Mountain / Elastisteel - £200
Mhairi Towler / Vivomotion - £100
Stuart McPhee / Siberia Vodka Bar, Aberdeen - £100
Lynne Newell - £100
Nancy Marlor - $100
Lainey Garretson - $100
Kim Sirmans Heard - $90
Jackie Merrell- $80
Suzanne Carbonneau - $100 (CAD)
Annika Hedley - €50
Joanne Letendre - $50
Michelle Loewen - $50
Kristyn Murphy - $50
Nansi Jarvis - £30
Adelaide Grahame - $35
Ashley Mohr - €30
Yvonne Percival - £20
Daphne Kock - $25
Cath Brown - $30 (AUD)
Dawn Chaffee - $16
Elise Hori - $16
Sieglinde / Luise Ohm - £16
Lilly Hurd / Find Her in The Highlands - $15

Thank you all so much! It all adds up! This is the current credits list for backers as it stands for both Bab and Utapia!

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Fife Free Press, Scotland, Jamie Callaghan, Thursday 20th April 2017