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I'm Fraser Murdoch.

I graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee in 2013, having studied General Foundation Art, BSc Animation & Electronic Media and MSc Animation & Visualisation where I specialised in compositing for visual effects.

My drive in my career so far has been to create digital art through animated movies and even live-action movies. Despite immersing myself in commercial work and for large-scale productions by the likes of Netflix and Sony Pictures, I naturally find myself thinking deeper about things and have developed a clear theme in my own practice. It's clear to me that I see myself as "a creator" of my own content and art first and foremost - despite imperative experience in the profession being continually gained - and I am very excited about the opportunity to expand on this much further.

I have always loved other people's art and digital work and have always followed and supported artists in this discipline as it is the industry that I have been involved in. So, it is great for me to see this kind of amazing work now getting more exposure and getting into the virtual hands of loving collectors.

I am also no stranger to the NFT space. My first involvement in NFTs came as an animator for Trevor Jones' and Jose Delbo's collaborative pieces 'Genesis' and 'Who is The Creator 2' in 2020. Then, in 2021, I was involved in the Trevor Jones x Ice Cube collaboration 'MAN vs MACHINE' as an animator, again. Being involved in incredible pieces like these continue to give me insight into the Non-fungible Token world. I now feel that I am ready to contribute my own work as an artist to the marketplace whilst still learning from and working with others.


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