Below are stills from my writing and directing work for titles "Tubgate: Cunningham's Scrap" (2018), "Utapia: Sizzle Reel" (2017), "Conjure" (2013 + 2015) "My City" (2012), "Impromptu: Incognito Tapwrench City" (2016), "Impromptu: Noir Tapwrench" (2016) and "Impromptu: Antarctica Siren" (2016).

Tubgate titles
Tubgate - Bab scores a goal
Tubgate opening titles
Tubgate - Bab playing console
Tubgate Benjy Troopti
Tubgate - Bab answers phone
Tubgate - Benjy calling Bab
Tubgate - Bab gloats to the computer
Tubgate - Davie Hunter calls Bab
Tubgate Corporate Fraud Team
Tubgate Cunningham Scrap
Tubgate - Bab's lavish office
Utapia - Julie hiking Scotland
Tubgate - Troopti angry
MyCity Lloyd Fudlegh standing river
Conjure - Tyler shouting in alley
My City - Fudlegh laments
Utapia - waterfall
Noir Tapwrench
My City - Fiance speaks to citizen
My City rise of trading
Conjure - the speach
My City - what's it going to be?
Noir Tapwrench - hand
Incognito Tapwrench City
Antarctica Siren
Conjure - the factory-station
My City - the small town
Conjure - Long shot factory-station
Tubgate - old office test
Antarctica Siren - inside mechanism
Antarctica Siren - wide
Visual effects reel opening

Below are stills from some of my commissioned art work.

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