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"I am fascinated by the natural occurrence of storytelling and the varied spectrum of communication."


Digital Artist's Statement

Along with the layering and quality in my work, and the themes in them, bringing value to the table is important to me. Rewards, social connection and IRL elements are examples of the value I am putting into the NFT projects I am creating long-term.

In my work, you will find artistic, animated, filmmaking and visual effects elements. For that reason, I brand my work: "Animation-Art-Movies-VFX." My works are not PFPs and can be best described as crypto-animation (or crypto-Animation-Art-Movies-VFX if you like, but that's a bit long.)

I find holistic views of nature, science and human storytelling fascinating and explore these themes in my work.

You can browse this site for more information and also reach out!

Find out more about Fraser's past projects (pre-NFTs) here ->

Digital Artist's Background

Fraser's introduction to NFTs/crypto-art was in the fairly early days of October 2020 when only a small group of artists were minting...


In 2013, Fraser directed the short film Conjure with a cast and crew based in Dundee, Scotland. Much of the team was part of the Flyboy Films production company, so Fraser approached their producers John Fairfield and Violetta "Violet" Palak for further assistance in post-production. Violet facilitated the grading of the film and submission of the film to awards in 2015.


Fraser and Violet collaborated again on the animation and editing of Violet's films Candy Girls and Taxi For Scotland around the same time. The latter of which was edited in Trevor Jones' flat in Edinburgh when Trevor was working on his fledgling art business alongside them.

Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 22.28.59.png

Fraser was also in attendance at Trevor's augmented reality exhibition at Dundas Street Gallery in Edinburgh in 2015. This was the first time that Trevor introduced Fraser to new technologies partnering with art, animation and film - but, not the last.

Fraser's introduction to NFTs and crypto-art was through Trevor Jones' collaborative animations with Jose Delbo: Genesis and Who is The Creator 2 in 2020. Trevor hired Fraser to animate his Batman painting, the layers of paint, as well as Jose's Batman sketch.

Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 22.29.09.png

In 2021, Trevor hired Fraser again as a freelance animator for several projects. Some of them are unreleased, but those that are public are the MAN vs MACHINE collaboration between Trevor and Ice Cube, followed by the Bitcoin Angels' Share reward NFTs at the end of the year.

This year, 2022, Fraser has worked for Trevor in creating his Angel Ascension reward NFTs.

Working on these projects has allowed Fraser to observe and study the space while working on his own creative projects which will become NFTs as part of his long term solo practice - which in part fund is funded by his work in the very same mediums commercially.

Fraser has worked in industries and mediums that pair creativity with ever-changing technological advancements for a decade. The combination of art and digital/tech in the NFT medium and space, therefore, matches well with Fraser's background and skillset and is a natural progression. It is also just a "new" technological piece of weaponry he can use to share his work and help it to grow. 

Fraser has already invested in NFTs, crypto and the infrastructure of his business surrounding blockchain technology as well as developed projects and a personal roadmap for many months. He is now set and ready to drop several collections over the coming years.

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