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10 Quotes from Fantastic Fungi

The films Fantastic Fungi and Intelligent Trees are amazing eye-openers as to what is around us. What is Nature? How does it work?

Did you think you knew the answer?

Even if you did, these films showcase the science around mychorrizal networks and how they operate.

Now, these are just documentaries and are the tip of the ice berg when it comes to mycelium and the like. However, this is a blog post.

Here are ten quotes that resonated with me from Fantastic Fungi.

“We are descendants of mycelium. Mycelium is the mother of us all.”

Paul Stramets, Mycologist

“A mycelium has more networks than our brain has neural pathways.”

Jay Harman

Biomimicry Inventor

“Trees are communicating using mycelium as pathways.”


“Living creatures like fungi are intelligent. They solve problems. And that’s intelligence.”


If humans become extinct, what’s the next specie that will take over the Earth? Maybe mycelium already are the dominant species, not just because they are the most common species on Earth (they’re everywhere). I mean look at humans. There’s seven billion of us, but we’re just one little creature wandering around, incredibly vulnerable, and don’t survive well if we’re assaulted.”

“In our evolution as a species, we’re at a point of coming to terms with a major paradigm change. A change in how we view what we call reality.” (And that always evokes tension and fears)

“The micro-verse.”

“We are not an individual. We are a vast network of molecules and energies and wavelengths."

“The core concept of evolution is that through natural selection, the strongest and the fittest survive. But, moreover, communities survive better than individuals.”

Note: I call it "Survival of the Fittest Story." Where ‘story’ means anything that we express to someone else, in any way.

“ carbon for nutrients.”

These quotes might well be specific to me and my ongoing creative practise. You can find out more about that, here, on my website and on social media as it develops over time. You can Follow, or subscribe to my newsletter.

What resonated with you most when watching Fanstasitc Fungi? If you haven't seen it yet, you can find it on Netflix.

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