This collection challenges our perception of intelligence and our own relationship with the rest of Nature.

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Digital Artist's Statement

“We are descendants of mycelium. Mycelium is the mother of us all.”

Paul Stramets, Mycologist

As humans, we are perpetual storytellers. We sing, we dance, we write, we play, we dream… However, that doesn’t mean that every other form of life represses information.


The little-known and underappreciated mycorrhizal networks (CMN) beneath the ground are arguably the most influential social networks in the world. Known as the “Wood Wide Web”, they connect different plants (including trees) together and share resources. The fruit of their labour is even noticeable from outer space in the form of rich green forests and land.

In this collection, we witness our very own methods of storytelling performed by intelligent life other than ourselves - specifically by a tree with visible CMN and roots for arms and legs!


In turn, viewing the collection gives us time to reflect on our interpretations of ‘intelligence’ and our relationship with the rest of nature.

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Smart Trees Versions:

'Smart Tree: Pianist'

'Smart Tree: Bookworm' (upcoming)

'Smart Tree: Wood Wide Web' (upcoming)


Long term = Smart Trees Forest.

The Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci sequence is used in the pricing of this NFT collection to signify the interconnectivity of nature in the way that we communicate - in mathematics and in art alike.







The Genesis Version and Drop of the Smart Trees Collection

#smartTreePianist #treeanist

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." – Plato


The Smart Trees Collection begins with "Smart Tree: Pianist" drops. This is Fraser Murdoch's Genesis NFT drop.


These beautiful and mesmerising animations take the audience into another world where trees can do everything homosapiens can. In this piece, a tree plays a captivating tune on a piano on the stage of a concert hall.


The tree communicates with its own kind via its roots and the mycelium travelling and glistening toward the camera, while we as humans listen.

The drop consists of three different "Shots" which are part of a "Sequence." There will be Reward NFTs available for owners of complete sequences, but single NFTs also provide perks - and have their own traits (e.g. different motion, loopable tracks.)

The Drops are as follows:

  1. Shot 1 Original*

  2. Limited Edition Original style^ - Shots 2 + 3.

  3. Limited Edition Metallics - in all three Shots.

  4. Special Editions - very rare 1/1s, and not available in all three shots.

  5. Rewards: Sequence NFTs (Original style.)

  6. IRL Smart Trees (WIP) - e.g. tree planting, physical paintings and 3D prints.

^The styles (Rare>Rarest):

  1. Original style.

  2. Metallic styles: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

  3. Special Edition styles: Oasis and Phoenix.

Glossary: Collection = e.g. Smart Trees; Version = e.g. Smart Tree: Pianist; Style = e.g. Original.

"Shot 1" Drop

3840x3840px; MP4; digital animation; music; sound mix..

*The Shot 1 Drop begins with an Original Style 1/100 multi-edition (or Open Edition?)


This is Fraser Murdoch's Genesis drop. It consists of a wide shot viewing the tree playing the piano from the "forest audience." It is the widest shot in the collection and has several unique tracks. It will be a lucky dip what track you get - but they are all beautiful! It is the only Smart Tree: Pianist drop that has various tracks available.

There will also be Giveaways for Likes, Shares / Retweets and Comments. Dates TBC.


The Shot 1 Original Styles will provide collectors with the following utility:

  • The Smart Tree: Pianist Shot 1 Original Style 1/100s is the lowest price point in the collection.

  • Hodlers of this Genesis Drop will have the chance to be Founding members on Fraser's Discord. You will have a say on how the Discord is set up (even named) and retain your role unless you sell.

  • It's a starter towards collecting Sequence(s). It's the best chance you'll have to get started.

  • Hodlers of multiple Shot 1s will qualify for drops to collect Shot 2 and Shot 3.

  • Future Reward NFT qualification.

0.0813ETH - Polygon Blockchain on OpenSea. Get yours now:

Further Drops and Details
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Pianist Shot 1:​

  • Gold 1/4? @ .123ETH?

  • Silver 1/10? @ .123ETH?

  • Bronze 1/20? @ .123ETH?


Pianist Shot 2:

  • Original 1/20? @ .123ETH?

  • Gold 1/2? @ .235ETH?

  • Silver 1/5? @ .235ETH?

  • Bronze 1/10? @ .235ETH?


Pianist Shot 3:

  • Original 1/20? @ .123ETH?

  • Gold 1/2? @ .235ETH?

  • Silver 1/5? @ .235ETH?

  • Bronze 1/10? @ .235ETH?


Pianist Dolly Reward Shot for full Sequence of Shots: 1/3? @ 0.58?

Special Editions - x2-4 1/1s @ 1.23ETH

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