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Julie's life is changed forever when searching the Highlands to unearth a story which will help her and her family.



Copyright Joao Larcerda and Fraser Murdoch

Julie takes responsibility for her younger pregnant sister and wider family who are in financial and emotional peril. However, has this student of Literature and History overshot her ambitions?

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Concept art (WIPs) June 2018

As well as concept art by Fraser Murdoch

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1) Julie, initially heading out into untrodden areas of the Scottish Highlands in search of hidden Pictish artefacts, finds herself intrigued by a large, peculiar and unexpected puzzle.


2) Meanwhile, aristocratic businessman Lord Tapia struggles with plans to construct a new media office atop a barren site in his city.

© "Utapia: Screen Test (2017)" Directed by Fraser Murdoch | Cinematography by Fraser Stephen | Starring Sarah MacGillivray


Singer-songwriter Imogen Brough writes music for short film to be shot in Scotland Utapia - written and directed by Fraser Murdoch.

Early in the process, Fraser began the collaboration with Imogen Brough (best known as a contestant on The Voice - Australia and making the ARIA charts) on the motion picture soundtrack. Imogen is collaborating with composer Michael Edwards (Layer Cake and Calvary) and the pair have already created a track for the mood reel of the short which was shot in June 2017.

It is based on stories from the short animated film "My City" (2012) starring Brian Cox (Troy, Churchill, Rise of the Planet of the Apes) which was also written and directed by Fraser Murdoch. You can watch that here by clicking the link.

Fantasy, adventure, drama

Status: Pre-production



Utapia is currently being developed in the form of scripts, treatments and visual materials. The aim of the project is to develop storylines, characters and the world fully in order to create: short films and eventually a feature or TV Pilot.

© Utapia - storyboards collages. Illustrator: Nenad Kostic

Welcome to Fraser's world of Utapia - Fi
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