"I am passionate about the filmmaking and animation processes. Filmmaking / visual storytelling to me is the combination and cohesion of every form of art, language and communication toward one goal: the story at hand."


​Fraser studied at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee from 2008 - beginning as a Fine Artist in the General Foundation course before specialising in Media in 2009.

During his first year at art college, Fraser began to get inspired by holistic ideas related to nature, capitalism and science and this began to demonstrate in his self-driven work: My Dad is a Tree, The Kingdom of Cleanliness & Nice Thoughts and Belonging, et al.


His ambition to create films and moving pictures grew further as time went on. In 2012, for his BA (Hons) degree, Fraser directed actor Brian Cox (Succession) - playing the media mogul The Journalist - in Fraser’s animated short picture My City. Fraser and his coursemates ran the annual Deecon in 2012 to raise funds for their live animation show.

This was followed by the live-action film Conjure which Fraser directed in 2013. The film consisted of the graded visual effects elements as well as that of an entire production. An "excerpt" was realised for his degree show in August of 2013 and the film was completed afterwards.


After graduating, Fraser's next animated short was the 16-minute entertainment piece Cunningham's Scrap starring actors he worked with on Outlander and with music by David Murillo R. (award-winning composer for Who Killed Sara?, Netflix). During this time, Fraser's other personal projects were Utapia (based loosely on My City) and the Impromptu Films series.

While working on this production, Fraser and his collaborator Scott Kyle built a vibrant community around wider projects related to this production - on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Fraser spent five months in a bothy he helped to build on his friend's farm in 2019, where he wrote and developed Utapia and other projects much further. The peaceful experience of looking over to Edinburgh, Scotland, on the distant horizon beyond the beautiful countryside and the Firth of Forth was a highly impactful space for him to develop and glue his deeper thoughts and themes of his work much clearer.

Fraser is currently very focused on bringing the mediums he’s worked in and the creative concepts he has developed together toward the next, exciting stages and sharing his work with many more like-minded people.

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