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Audio-visual storytelling to me is the combination and cohesion of every form of art, language and communication toward one goal: the story at hand.

Fraser Murdoch has worked on a variety of projects that he has originated and developed over the years.

He studied at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee from 2008-2013, where he studied art, animation, film and visual effects.

His early work was heavily influenced by holistic ideas related to nature, capitalism, and science, as demonstrated in projects such as My Dad is a Tree, The Kingdom of Cleanliness & Nice Thoughts, and Belonging.


In 2012, he directed actor Brian Cox in the animated short film My City - a key project that allowed him to explore his interests in film and animation more deeply.


After graduating, he went on to work on a number of short films, including Conjure, Cunningham's Scrap, Impromptu Films and the Utapia teaser - projects that allowed him to further develop his skills as a creator and learn from mistakes.

In 2019, he spent five months living in a bothy on a friend's farm, where he wrote and developed Utapia and other projects. This experience was highly impactful for Fraser, as it gave him the time and space to reflect on his work and develop new ideas.

He continued these projects as well as new collaborations during the Covid-19 lockdown, and also focused on learning new skills and technologies as he tried to gauge where content-creation was going, as Covid was changing everything. This took him to new CG softwares, collaborations, game design, then, as things cleared, to NFTs, AI and the metaverse.

Fraser is currently focused on bringing his various creative projects together, progressing them much further and sharing them with a wider audience.

Written by Artificial Intelligence.

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